History learning

At Sound and District Primary School our history programme aims to stimulate the children's interest and understanding of the past and create a sense of chronology by studying key events and people. We also provide them with the opportunity to appreciate how things have changed over time. Children are encouraged to develop their skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis and evaluation through the use of both primary and secondary sources to find out about the past. Educational visits also support and extend their experiences of the period of history being covered.

History topics 


We cover a range of history topics as part of our topic learning. These topics have included the Romans, Ancient Egyptians and World War Two. History learning offers useful links to other areas of the curriculum to enable children to develop their skills in a range of ways. The photographs below show some of our topic learning which has had a historical emphasis.



We are fortunate to use objects and artefacts from parents and carers to support our learning.


Topic overview at Sound


Please find our topic overviews which are shown below. We currently have a two year rolling programme. We set topics out on a two year cycle to account for our mixed age classes and to ensure curriculum coverage.

The 2016/17 (current) academic year is in Year B.