"We are so lucky to be having Ipads! We will be able to do so many things and they will make learning so much fun!"
Bethan Peters
Onyx Class


Here at Sound Primary school we strive to make sure that our pupils are prepared for the rapidly changing technologically advanced world surrounding them.

Within our school, we encourage our children to be computer literate with our:


  • 40 plus iPads

  • Apple TVs in every classroom so staff and children can share their learning.

  • Laptops and Desktop Computers

  • Touch screen interactive whiteboard

  • Promethean Interactive whiteboards in each class

  • Advanced wireless

We are continually seeking new ways to reinforce the importance of ICT as a subject in its own right, as well as its use in other subjects areas. Each class uses emails, videos and facetime links to keep in touch with their link school(s) in Cyprus, South Hampton, Wales, Singapore and locally in Wrenbury.

Recently, we have teamed up with Jigsaw 24 to enhance our pupils experiences and use of ICT by purchasing 47 Ipads. The iPads have positively impacted upon our pupils learning experiences and hope to further raise standards, particularly in Literacy.