At Sound, our desire is that every pupil leaves as a confident, proficient mathematician. We pride ourselves on providing, within our daily lessons, differentiated learning objectives so that each child is suitably challenged and thus enabled to make rapid and sustained progress. Teachers strive to make learning fun and engaging by using a wide variety of teaching strategies and learning activities, using practical resources and visual models wherever possible. In this way, the children are also given a real life context for their learning so that they realise its importance in every day life along with developing skills as independent learners.



The school currently follows the new Curriculum 2014 in order to guide teaching in each class. Classes regularly cover all aspects of the curriculum.  Regular assessments ensure high standards of achievement, with teachers  organising targeted focus groups to help pupils to overcome difficulties and mis-conceptions. 

Written Calculation Policy


Last year we updated our calculation policy for each of the 4 operations to include both informal and formal written methods. This has enabled us to ensure a more consistent approach to the teaching and learning of calculation, with all teachers using the same names and visual models. In this way all classes have the same  approach to the teaching and application of each method. Parents will shortly be invited to workshop sessions so that they can continue this consistency when helping their children complete homework tasks and other mathematical activities at home.

Mental Maths 


Every class ensures that mental maths learning is an integral part of class learning. Across the school we have introduced a progressive programme that ensures that children become more efficient at recalling those facts that are the essential building blocks to efficient calculating.